One of the perks of having a charter boat business in the Virgin Islands is the great people you get to know from boating around the Caribbean. We would like to introduce you to one of our favorites that we usually find just off of Norman Island, a bartender crush:

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Our favorite floating bar, the Willy T

Piers. He’s one of the many smiling faces behind the bar at the famous William Thorton, more popularly known as the Willy T.

floating bar, Willy T, William Thornton, BVI boat trip

Piers behind the bar at the Willy T

He’s a pro: painkillers, their famous margaritas, shot skis, he can handle them all. Like all Willy T bartenders, he’s also great in the kitchen. If you’re lucky, try his chicken wings, the sauce will make you wish licking the bowl was considered appropriate table manners on this pirate ship. Piers is BVI born and raised and has great stories from growing up in the British Virgin Islands and from his adventures on the water as a charter captain. Apparently his talents don’t stop in the bar and kitchen, Piers was voted best BVI Skipper in BVI Property and Yacht’s 2014 poll. This combination makes Piers a bartender worthy of his own blog spot!

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Floating Bar Bartending

When the Willy T gets busy, calling in additional help from Tortola isn’t the easiest thing to do. Sometimes you’ll catch Captain Scotty helping out. We’ll see you on the water!