We’ve heard the rumors. Not everyone wants to spend all day snorkeling, relaxing on the beach, drinking at a beach bar or sight-seeing. Sometimes, people want to do a little learning and a little shopping. We have found no better place (yet) in our boat adventures than Green VI.

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Green VI creates vases and more for you to take home.

Green VI is a glass studio in Cane Garden Bay, Tortola that “demonstrates trash to treasure in action”. Which means, while you watch, they use old stuff (bottles, t-shirts for packing, etc) to make very cool stuff.

Cane Garden Bay, BVI, Green VI, blown glass, boat trip, Tortola

A glass blower in Cane Garden Bay, VI

Using recycled glass from the bars and restaurants on Tortola, Green VI heats up the glass (they’re currently in the process of using old fryer oil for fuel).

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The first bubble in the glass making demonstration at Green VI

Then, they gently blow (the yellow/orange ball above became a Christmas ornament) the glass into the desired shape. During this entire process, the glass blower was telling us exactly what he was doing, alternatives to the process to make different things and answering any questions we came up with. In the photograph above, you can see the different powdered colors of glass they use for coloring a piece.

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Hand-blown glass tumblers made in Cane Garden Bay

The best part? They have a great selection of beautiful hand-blown glass souvenirs for you to bring back home with you. Let your captain know you want to visit Green VI on your boat trip!