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The newest addition to BVI beach bars.

Most experienced BVI boat trippers know all about Jost Van Dyke’s famous bars and beaches (Soggy Dollar, Foxy’s, White Bay….the list is long and wonderful). We have a new one for you on the often ignored island of Little Jost Van Dyke: The B-Line Beach Bar.

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B-Line Bar in the BVI

It’s the beach bar you love with a different view and even more laid back vibe. It’s small size means less crowds and more room for you. They have corn hole, backgammon and a beach for exploring, lunches that have been enjoyed every time we’ve gone and a Bloody Mary that is a must-try for vodka tomato soup lovers. Dreaming of ice cold beer at the beach? They have them, with the chance for a free beer. Get the cap of your purchased brewski into the bucket and your beer is on them!

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A great view of Jost Van Dyke.

There’s another difference at this beach bar, it has a dock for Mojo to pull up to! Most love the experience of getting their dollars soggy at White Bay, but for those who just don’t want to get wet for lunch, B-Line is a great beach bar for your BVI day trip!

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Mojo on B-Line’s dock.

B-Line has one more sweet surprise.

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The B-Line Beach Bar’s Honey Shot

The B-Line Honey Shot is worth buzzing about. Honey is harvested from Little Jost Van Dyke (local honey is delicious) and is infused with rum to create a shot so delicious, it’s worth sipping. Let your captain know that you’re interested in visiting B-Line. Your day with Aqua Blue Charters is completely up to you and the weather, every time!