We have had food trucks serving local food like pates, johnny cake and goat water in the Virgin Islands for the last few decades, now we have a food boat!

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Pizza Pi in the USVI

Pizza Pi is the brain child (boat child?) of Sasha and Tara, previous residents of our neighboring BVI. We found them, and their Pizza Pi boat, in Christmas Cove off of Great St. James in the USVI. They do have plans to wander the US Virgin Islands serving pizza to hungry boaters, but for now, this is where we’ve been able to see them.

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Pizza Pi’s funky paint job

Here’s the deal – call in your order for speed (VHF: 16 or (340) 643-GoPi 4674) or show up during pizza making hours (currently that’s 11am to sunset everyday except Mondays and Thursdays) and order. You can take a swim or chill in Mojo’s bean bag chairs while you wait for your pie. All orders are to go, so you get to decide where to enjoy your pizza. The best part isn’t the novelty of a floating pizza place. Nor is it the gorgeous views you get while eating your pie on a deserted beach somewhere. The best part is actually the pizza.

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Madd Mushroom and Sweet Home Indiana

We tried the Madd Mushroom (procini mushroom sauce, button mushrooms and an herb mix and their 3 cheese blend) and the Sweet Home Indiana (procini mushroom sauce, sage sausage, pickled sweet corn, new red potatoes and their cheese blend). The crust was perfect, crispy, light,not bread! The flavor combinations were innovative (bet you read that Sweet Home Indiana ingredient list twice) and very satisfying. For those who prefer a more classic option, you can always go for the Plain Jane and dress her up! Check out their website before you go: www.pizza-pi.com. Keep track of them by liking their Facebook page.   ***Update: We also tried the Dali Lama (make me one with everything). Curry on pizza is a great idea!